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Accelerated Multi-Engine Flight Training

Pegasus offers accelerated multi-engine flight training. We have 2 great Multi-Engine Aircraft to choose from! Having this rating will put you one step closer to flying in the airlines or as a corporate pilot. Taking this course is a fantastic way to improve upon your current skill set and knowledge of professional flying. Multi-engine flight training will help you get a better understanding of different aircraft and how they operate, thus improving your skills in the sky!  

Start your journey today! If you have any questions whatsoever, please call us at (254) 540-6854 or email at We look forward to helping you become the pilot you know you can be!

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We are proud to also partner with Ruiz Home Enterprises to offer discounted housing for our accelerated Multi-Engine Training Program. Check out their website: Use code Pegasus40 at checkout for 40% your booking when you are in the accelerated program. 


Cessna 310R 


Full glass cockpit
Air conditioned
S-Tec Autopilot


Piper Seneca

Full glass cockpit

Start your journey today! Call us at (254) 540-6854 or Email at

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