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Flight Lessons and Training | Pegasus Aviation

Flying The Difference

Here at Pegasus, our motto is "fly the difference." We strive to be the best flight school we can be. Our team works hard to personify flying the difference. Our instructors go above and beyond with our flight lessons to make sure our students are learning while also having fun!

GoPro Solo

Soloing is the first milestone in flying and should be remembered! There are some traditions like cutting out the T-Shirt, but we have also started one of our own. Whenever a student solos, they have the option to fly with a GoPro camera in the cockpit documenting the flight. We will also personalize the video for you to show to all of your friends and family! We are always proud of our students' progress and love to show them off!


Students also get a customized T-Shirt to commemorate the day they soloed and the different certifications they receive!

Solo shirt.jpg

Maverick Bear

Maverick Bear is a new member of the Pegasus team! Students can fly with him and even add to his personal log book. He loves accompanying students on lonely cross country flights. Check him out at the front desk today!

Heather with Maverick Bear.jpg

Community Outreach

We love our community and changing lives. We strive to make better pilots and better people. We do this by making sure we are always working to make people's lives better! This specific example is of Mrs. Ammon, who was able to fly with us to remember her late husband who was a retired airforce pilot who was previously stationed at James Connally Airforce Base in Waco.  Read the entire story here: 3 years after death of pilot husband, local woman takes a flight back to where long romance began (

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